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Where People & Nature Reconnect

 Inspiring, nature-friendly well-being & outdoor learning in Deer Wood, a beautiful, native woodland in the heart of the South Hams, Devon.


"What a beautiful & calming experience, and such a treat that I could spend time here. Thank you." Ani K.    Well-being Day April 2019

  1. To actively promote and demonstrate Native Woodland conservation & regeneration.

2. To work with societies marginalised, disadvantaged, mentally or physically challenged, young people and all who would benefit from spending good quality time in a safe and well-held space, through learning and well-being activities in Deer Wood.

3. To promote and demonstrate different aspects of Sustainable Living.

How do we do this?

An intimate, safe & secluded place to hold bespoke events, courses, eco- ceremonies and celebrations for people who love nature.

A range of hands-on courses that focus on building practical skills, which help to enrich well-being and serves to deepen our relationship with nature.

Our Native Tree Nursery sells a wide range of bare-rooted stock and potted trees all grown on-site from seeds and nuts collected from the wood.

This peaceful place can help you with  psychological and emotional trauma and recouperate by practicing Qi Gong Meditation & Yoga.

All our in-house courses & events are priced on a 'pay what you can afford' sliding *scale.

 *We may also be able to offer a subsidised place for someone on a very limited income - please contact us to discuss.

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Would you like to support the work we do?

Please click the link & watch an introductory video to see what our social outreach programmes can offer.


Perfect for magical intimate ceremonies, celebrations, day retreats & events

A Beautiful & Secluded Woodland Setting

For People Who Love Nature

A serene space to hold mindful eco events and courses

This peaceful natural environment gives facilitators and their clients the privacy to re-discover their connection to the Earth.

Ceremonies & Celebrations

We welcome the skills of expert and experienced holistic well-being and creative facilitators to create beautiful day retreats and events at Deer Wood that bring relaxation and healing on all levels to their clients.

Day Retreat & events space hire

A serene and intimate setting for small weddings, elopements, vow re-newals, naming ceremonies, rememberance services and mindful celebrations that tread lightly in nature.

Guest facilitator collaborations

We invite like-minded proffessionals to work in dynamic collboration with the Deer Wood in-house team as well as other regular Deer Wood guest tutors, to provide unique well-being and creative/learning outdoor experiences.


"An absolute joy. Such a stunning woodland and sincere hospitality. Nature at a serene level."     Rhianne B.


Provide a safe and inclusive place for local communities, socially disadvantaged people and all our visitors to experience well-being through woodland-based outdoor activities and therapies.


Allow space for people to de-stress, heal and connect with nature.


Preserve and care for this 12 1/2 acre native woodland through conservation woodland management practices.


Increase native tree cover in the UK through growing and planting of Deer Wood provenance stock.


Raise awareness of Earth care through selling provenance-grown trees, demonstrating sustainable living and facilitating participation in experiential learning.


Volunteer Days

We have regular volunteers days where we invite anyone who wishes to spend some time in the wood to help with important woodland ecology work.

We value and appreciate how generously people have given their time and put in so much hard work over the past 7 years to help get major stages of the Tree Nursery and other important aspects completed.

If you wish to become a volunteer with The Deer Wood Trust please contact us:


Working Stays in the Wood

We are open to hosting volunteers for short stays and welcome anyone who has some experience and skills in carpentry, aboraculture and horticulture.

Please contact us:


Sustainable Off Grid Living

Marc and Lisa live here in harmony with nature, as the custodians of Deer Wood.

We have chosen to live an off-grid lifestyle in keeping with the needs of the land itself; treading lightly and respecfully with all our activities.

If you are interested in any aspect of learning more about how to live sustainably, where ever you are, we will be running courses from 2023.

A year of Feast in the Forest 22
carpentry course day 3
F&F may 20th


bare root and pot grown

Trees from the Deer Wood Native Tree Nursery are grown from nuts and seeds collected from in and around the wood. We have achieved 'Grown In Britan' certification, which means all our stock are recognised as provanance and healthy.

Tree Sales work by donation - we use an ancient system of trust and kindness called 'Dana'.

All Bare rooted Trees basline cost are £1, which is given as a guiding principal; any kind donation above this figure is greatly appreciated and all donations go back into The Deer Wood Trust conservation activites.

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