Foraging Courses

Forage & Feast in The Forest


Experience inspiring, nature-friendly Foraging

Spring & Autumn Forages at Deer Wood

An Invitation to join us on a journey of discovering the delicious and nutritious wild edible plants growing naturally in and around this unspoilt woodland.

Enjoy deepening your connection to nature with activities that nurture mind, body and soul, all set in this pristine, peaceful and safe environment.

nettles in a woven basket

Stimulate your senses with a gentle and informative stroll through Deer Wood where one of our expert foragers will guide and delight you with their plant wisdom. They will teach you how to safely and sustainably forage for free foods whilst weaving fascinating folklore and creating a fantastic feast.

Gain insight into the interconnected web of the woodland ecology and learn how to tread lightly whilst still gaining sustenance.

Learn and experience how to:

  • Safely and responsibly forage for seasonal wild edible plants, nuts and seeds.
  • Explore the varied uses of wild plants for food, medicine and other beneficial uses.
  • Confidently and sustainably integrate wild foods into your everyday recipes.
  • Co-create delicious and nutritious wild food dishes.
  • Discover the surprising and often majikal folklore surrounding some of the native species in British woodlands.
  • Unwind and open your perception of how to connect to plants on a deeper level.
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Your Day of Foraging

  • Arrive: 10.30am

Welcome To Deer Wood - refreshments of wild teas whilst your host introduces you to Deer Wood and the Health & Safety requirements for this course.

  • 10.45 - 13.30 Foraging in and around Deer Wood
  • 13.30 – 14.30 Co-creating a wild food feast with your fellow foragers and then consuming the delicious results.

Suitable for ages 10+ all children must be accompanied by an adult.


Subsidised places available for those on a limited income



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