In-House & Guest Teachers

The Deer Wood In -House Team


Lisa Pugh

Climate Conscious Food Specialist, Art Teacher & Reiki Master

wild garlic cooking in the Deer Wood Outdoor kitchen
marc in the burner

Marc Biddle

Traditional & Bamboo Carpentry, Forest Qigong & Meditation

Yurt frame and wheel

Regular Guest Teachers

Laura Butt - Environmental Art Therapist
Laura Butt Nature's Art Therapy at Deer Wood

Circle of Trees – Nature’s Art Therapy Group


Experience nature in a new way, explore the wood and tune in to the messages it is giving you.

Laura will meet you in circle around the fire in the secluded and tranquil well being area. She will guide you in a seasonal practice creating symbolic forms using natures pen, connecting you to the cyclical changes of this space and the energies mirrored in us.
There will be time to share and explore your experiences with the group

Helen Philips -Sound meditation practitioner

Helen's Sound Meditaion

Helen's Sound Meditation

Creating an immersive experience using the beautiful sounds of the Hang, Hand Drums, Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Chimes with the intention to create a meditative, calming experience for participants, to aid relaxation and a sense of peace.

Sounds in the Woods

Crystal singing bowls
Tibetan bowls

Sound Baths in the Woods will benefit the mind and body reducing stress and tension with the added benefit of being outdoors surrounded by trees and nature.

On arrival, you will be welcomed with a short introduction to the wood and then we will begin a gentle, mindful walk along the main track tuning into our senses, connect with nature

Once we reach the Sacred Sound covered space, all set up ready for you to just lay down and settle. You will be safely held by the Earth, ready to be immersed in the healing sounds of Gong, Hang Drum, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls and Native Flute, ending with silence as we lay to absorb the nurturing energy and witness the beauty of nature in these serene surroundings.

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