Conservation At Deer Wood

Conservation at Deer Wood

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Provanance Sourced Trees

All the trees that are grown in the Deer Wood Nursery are provanance sourced. We only collect nuts and seeds from the woodland itself and surrounding hedges.

Because this is a woodland nursery it means that the young trees get the best start in life as they are being grown in the perfect and natural tree nursery environment - shade, humidty and soil quality. The abundance of native wild woodland mycorrhiza (and other diverse key beneficial micro-organisms) inceases their health, strength and boosts their roots.

Grown In Britain Certification

In 2019 we were very happy to have achieved  'Grown In Britain', certification, which gives an industry-standard quality assurance.

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When you buy Deer Wood Native Trees you support the conservation work we do here so that this woodland can spread its healthy and strong progeny across the South West and beyond.

All proceeds from the sales of our trees go towards this vital work in restoring Britain's Temperate Atlantic Rainforests.



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