Forest Qigong

With in-house tutor Marc Biddle

Experience profound calm through unifying heart, mind and body in relationship with the wild, using the ancient art of Forest Qigong.

"Deer Wood is a magical place that makes me feel welcome, safe and comfortable. This allows me to focus and progress in Qigong in a way that I could not do anywhere else."   Felix - October '23

What is Forest Qigong?

Qigong, ( also spelt -qi gong, chi kung, or chi gung) is an ever-deepening system of coordinated posture, movement and breathing, in a calm state of mind. It is of great benefit to body-mind, and soul, and is considered by some, a spiritual practice.

Forest Qigong, (not to be confused with Spring Forest Qigong) is simply the practice of Qigong in a natural woodland environment.

The main diffrence being that ones practice is very well supported and enhanced by being imersed in the primordial environment of a natural ancient woodland.

Forest Qigong July 8th 23

"It is an honour to start my QiGong journey in your woodland."

Anne W   12th July '23

Marc Biddle - Forest Qi Gong

About Marc

Marc has been practicing qigong since 1985, during this time he has studied in several schools under different teachers in a number of countries.

His journey has brought him now to an ancient tradition within a single 'lineage', his current teacher is based in Asia. Learning the arts at the level Marc now personally works at is described as 'Internal Alchemy' or Nei gong. This is an ever-deepening approach using advanced breathing and subtle movements combined with the cultivation of deep meditative states and stillness practice. Marc draws upon his own extensive experience to teach beginners and more experienced students alike.


“Marc provides gentle guidance and insights into the world of Qi Gong. I feel I'm on a life-changing journey. I come away with a perfect blend of energised and calm.“
Julie -April 24

Courses & Classes

Marc holds a Forest Qigong Taster Session at the beginning of the summer, welcoming beginners and intermediates, with the intention of forming a new group, as well as teaching classes for a regular group for more advanced students on Friday evenings.

For the winter months, Marc will be holding classes in Loddiswell Village Hall every Sunday evening from 6 pm -7.30 pm.

If you wish to sign up, please get in touch.

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