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"This is a special place unlike anything I've experienced before. The environment is absolutly uplifting and I felt really safe and supported by our extemely nurturing expert facillitators."   Judith - Day Retreat May '23

Deer Wood Day Retreats

Forage & Feast

Forest Qigong

Bamboo Carpentry

We welcome you to join us for a de-stressing and enjoyable day of hands-on learning and healing in this tranquil woodlnd setting.

"I feel very grateful to have taken part in this powerful day (retreat), meeting new people, trying new practices, spending a day in Nature. Deer Wood is a very special place, dancing with healing light, thank you."     Linda - Deer Wood Day Retreat May '23

With a range of hands-on courses run by our in-house and guest teachers as well as day retreats in collaboration with expert professional well-being therapists and holistic practitioners, Deer Wood is a haven for those wishing to improve their practical skills as well as increase their sense of inner peace.

nettle forage

Guest facillitator collaborations

“When we collaborate to support, uplift and celebrate one another we have far great capacity to expand and fulfil our true potential not only as individuals but as a collective.”

Well-Being with Emily Alice Price -Somatic & Sound July 9th '23

Deer Wood is a unique environment for like-minded holistic proffessionals and craftspeople to hold thier courses, day retreats and events in.

A supportive, safe and powerful place for well-being and connection, this is a venue where people can undertake deep work on both the outer and inner self - the perfect place for transformative collaborations.

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