Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Slow Fashion that doesn't have to cost the earth

 A Deer Wood range of climate-conscious organic cotton T-shirts and tote bags for women, men and kids.
Designed by Lisa and sustainably made by Rapanui at their Teemill factory.

Simply click on the link to take you the website.

All profits from sales go back into the conservation work & social outreach programmes at Deer Wood.

Bespoke designs that weave a tale of Earth protection

Part of our mission is to raise awareness of how we can live in balance with our environment so that future generations can not just survive but thrive.

Actively wearing designs that highlight the causes we are passionate about helps to promote them.

Teemill is an excellent platform to promote your voice.

Simply log in and create a bespoke design by loading up a good quality jpg or png image, follow the instructions on how to add any slogans and watch your design come to life.

Then buy a sample to check it's exactly right and you are all ready to start promoting your design on social media - simple!


lisa & berries


Company no: 14810543