Emily Price – Yoga in the Woods


Yoga in the Woods

With Emily Price

Experience an immersion in these tranquil woods where Emily will guide you into deep states of relaxation and opening of the body’s energy systems.

Emily’s approach to movement is one of sensing, feeling and action, moving from a place more connected to the felt sense of the body rather than the judgements of the thinking mind.

Emily shares authentic flow which she would describe as:

  • A dynamic blend of perpetual movement,
  • Yoga asana (any type of body posture, position, reclining, standing, inverted, twisting, and balancing poses).
  • Somatic release (exploration of the felt senses)
  • Intuitive movement (the practice of connecting with your body, paying attention to its internal signals, and using those to determine what type of movement,

The objective of Emily’s facilitation is to bring each of you into a deeper connection with nature and the common threads within each of us.


To book contact Emily at:  https://www.emily-price.co.uk