Meditation & Sound Immersion Day

Explore Self, Deepen Your Relationship With Nature & Existence

Explore Deep States of Meditation

In a secluded native woodland

A day created to progressively immerse into ever deepening states of stillness or Jhana

By utilising a series of different but aligned practice modalities that fluidly blend from one to the next, including:

  • Silence
  • Movement - based on Nei Gong (similar to Qi Gong exercises)
  • Mindful walking in the woods
  • Sitting
  • Bacti (Working with the elements)
  • Prone (Yoga Nidra)
  • Sound bathing

During the course of the day each phase will initially be guided.

There will be breaks and time for a short lunch, and an opportunity (for those who wish) to discuss and unpack the day's experiences together.


Please note if you wish to bring your lunch, we are a plant-based venue.

If you wish to have a hot lunch provided it will be plant-based and an extra £17 to the course price.

If you wish to find out more about this day immersion please contact Marc.



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