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Deer Wood Venue Hire - Key Areas

This quiet 12 acres of beautiful mixed deciduous remnant temperate rainforest is a part of the land tapestry which makes up the Aller brook catchment that feeds into South Devon’s Avon River.

There are 4 key spaces in Deer Wood that make it such a fantastic venue to host mindful, plant-based eco-events or courses and hold intimate micro-ceremonies and celebrations for those who love nature:

Deer Wood Outdoor Kitchen

The Well-Being Area

Wild Bridge Glade

The Outdoor Circular Shelter

Chutney & Feast
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Deer Wood Outdoor Kitchen

This cosy, quirky and inviting space allows you to eat al fresco whilst being well-protected from the weather all year round.

feasting in the forest

With access to hiring the in-house equipment and use of the open range cooker the Deer Wood Outdoor Kitchen is available to host plant based cooking courses, foraging and feasting days and be used as part of any plant-based eco-celebration.

There is a 12ft long wooden banquet table and bench seating for up to 16 comfortably, a demo/serving table, cooking bench that can hold 2 x 2 ring stove top gas cookers and 2 gas bottles.

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The Well-Being Area

The Well-being area is the ideal space for all outdoor therapy modalities.

It is particularly sheltered and secluded, with easy access to the Aller Brook and many other magical spots; allowing you to simply be at one in the knowledge that you will not be interrupted.

This place gives you the privacy to process and the freedom to let out suppressed emotions, gently held by the calming environment of the wood, and the water.


Sheltered from the elements with a weather proof tarp and with the use the small fire pit to warm yourself by, the Well-being area can be used all year round for both groups of up to 10 and 1-1 sesions.


Wild bridge Glade

By a curving sweep of the Aller brook lies the
‘Wild Bridge Glade’.

This enchanting and tranquil space is the perfect backdrop for small, intimate, mindful, outdoor eco-ceremonies and celebrations.

With the addition of a natural archway ceremonies by the waters edge and rustic benches to seat up to 10 people, this beautiful place is suitable for small gatherings to celebrate a variety of special occasions.

*Please note that this area will be ready to host in spring 2024 and advance bookings are welcome.


The Outdoor Circular Shelter

The Outdoor Circular Shelter allows comfortable participation for outdoor events in any weather, all year round.

This specially designed circular all weather structure allows for the participation of up to 20 people to enjoy the natural environment of the woodland.

There will be bench seating that fit neatly under bespoke made tables that follow the circular curve of the structure. The yurt-style roof has a central opening to allow the smoke from the fire pit to escape.

A Community Field Kitchen is planned to be close to the structure and will be suitable for making hot drinks and simple hot food on 2 x 2 ring stove top gas cookers and 2 gas bottles.

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