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“Volunteering at Deer Wood is like getting my hands dirty and doing something practical for family. Although when you volunteer for Deer Wood you are providing much-needed support to a highly environmentally ethical venture with exquisite land-based design morals. Deer Wood is so much more. I feel part of a creative land-based learning adventure that is playful, fun and a second home.”     Lizzie F – July 2021

We have been running volunteer opportunities from the very start of our tree nursery project here at the wood and have been delighted to see a wonderful variety of people offer their time to help us with this endeavour.

Some are long-standing like-minded friends with a good grasp of tree care or carpentry skills, others are eager to learn new things and simply spend some time outdoors doing something that gives back to nature.

Whatever the motivation and energy that brings people here to further the conservation work that we do, everyone is highly appreciated. This vital element couldn’t be done without you.

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"One of the best thing about volunteering at Deer Wood is the feeling you are contributing to tackling climate change, plus you get a lovely hot lunch in the outdoor kitchen."      Gill S - regular volunteer  2019- present

All the conservation work we do here is voluntary.

The Deer Wood Native Tree Nursery started with just one small fenced area back in 2016 but soon we realised that the successful germination rate of the nuts and seeds we collected from the wood was so high that we needed a bigger area to protect the young tree crops from deer and rabbits etc.

We have had a succession of volunteers helping at all these stages of expansion, not just with the trees but also with the extension phases of infrastructure making for this modest but highly effective woodland tree nursery.

Why not come and get involved?


"I personally see volunteering as a wonderful symbiosis, a genuine win-win for all involved. It fosters patience and empathy, it encourages the cross pollination of ideas and skills. There is a wholesome and simple pleasure begot from giving your time to something you believe in or want to learn more about, and I believe it has an increasingly important role to play in the future of society".

 Gary J Volunteer Day Nov 2021

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Volunteering opportunities

If you would like to volunteer at Deer Wood we have several on-going conservation projects that people from the local community are invited learn more about or come and get involved with:

  • Improvement and regular maintenance of Community Green Lane Wildlife, fruit & nut tree corridor. (The community orchard.)
  • Landscape work in the outdoor gallery,  including ongoing maintenance of the ‘Artists Grove'.
  • Tree planting throughout the woodland (winter work) as well as maintenance & horticultural tasks in the Deer Wood native tree nursery.

As well as a variety of woodland projects that help to increase bio-diversity, enhance habitats and protect wildlife.

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