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The Deer Wood Trust is a not-for-profit social enterprise.

Our mission is to reconnect people and nature through participation in experiential learning and well-being in a woodland setting.

We welcome like-minded people who wish to hire Deer Wood as a mindful *Eco-venue for special events, which tread lightly in the natural environment.

Please note * Deer Wood is entirely off grid & is a non-smoking, plant-based venue.
 Important considerations before booking:
  • As a working Conservation woodland, we have Biohazard security measures in place due to the prevalence of tree diseases. It is imperative that all visitors dip their feet in the footbath near the entrance before walking into the main part of the wood.
  • Parking is limited to up to 12 cars or 2 mini-buses, so lift sharing is recommended.
  • Please note, as an outdoor venue we do not have adequate dry secure storage for any other specialist equipment for retreat days, such as blankets, yoga mats, cushions, etc.
  • However, practitioners that have equipment to unload may drive it directly to the Learning Shelter area and unpack, then park their car in the allocated parking spaces.
  • We reserve the right to refuse bookings whose activities we feel may be detrimental to the woodland environment and the wildlife within it.


Please read the recommended types of earth-friendly activities in the table below.

If you are at all unsure if your intended activity is in line with these guidelines please e-mail Lisa:

volunteer day 21


The list of suggested activites below are a simple guidline.
We welcome all Earth-friendly, creative and inspiring activites that help to promote well-being and reconnection to nature.
Examples of suitable activities around Deer Wood

 Deer Wood Outdoor Kitchen

Recommended numbers:

From 6 to 16 people


The Well - being  area &

Wild Bridge Glade

Recommended numbers:

From 6 to 12 people - Well-being area

From 6 to 10 -

Wild Bridge Glade

The Outdoor Circular Shelter area

Recommended numbers:

From 6 to 20 people

Plant based cooking courses Outdoor Therapy Yoga
Sustainable living courses Circle group Qi Gong
Foraging courses 1-1 therapy sessions Healing therapies: such as reiki, crystal healing,gong bathsound healing, etc
Private mindful, eco, plant based events Group therapy sessions up to 10 people Meditation
Private mindful, eco, plant based celebrations Forest bathing Forest bathing
Private mindful, eco, plant based ceremonies Private mindful, eco, events Outdoor Therapy
Corporate de-stress days Private mindful, eco, celebrations Circle group
Corporate teambuilding days Private mindful, eco, ceremonies 1-1 therapy sessions
Corporate green learning days Corporate de-stress days Group therapy sessions
  Corporate teambuilding days Private mindful, eco, plant based events
  Corporate green learning days Private mindful, eco, plant based celebrations
    Private mindful, eco, plant based ceremonies
    Corporate de-stress days


    Corporate teambuilding days


    Corporate green learning days


We have a 3 Option pricing system for people of different means:
  • Option 1 = Below average income
  • Option 2 = Average income,
  • Option 3 = Above average income

Booking form for Facillitators - courses & day retreats

Forage & Feast Oct 30th-

Booking form for Ceremonies & Celebrations



Company no: 14810543