Natural Paintmaking Courses


Free, Form & Flow in the Forest

With Deer Wood in-house Teacher Lisa pugh

Lisa Pugh - Green Woman

Learn the traditinal art of making paint from natural materials

These sessions are for anyone who wishes to move from mass produced colours and reconnect in a new and deeper way to the landscape around us, through exploration with treasures from the natural environment.

Expand your creative flow through intuitive approaches that free the mind to new forms artist expression.

We will be using traditional methods to produce ethical natural paints, learning techniques to create paints and inks and artists tools from foraged materials and recording our findings in sketchbooks.

We will be focusing on the areas in and around this woodland, with its river and footpath boundaries providing an abundance of colour creating a unique natural pallet.

Autumn Forage
DSCF1556 copy

The First Session is a special collaboration with  Helen's Sound Mediation

Free Form & Flow - Natural Paintmaking & Sound Journey

Assisting your creative connection to nature the day will culminate with a combined painting & Sound Bath session with Helen's Sound Meditaion.


  courses planned for 2025

A series of five 1 day courses to take place during spring, summer and autumn are being planned for 2025.

These will to go into greater depth in each area of focus:

• Sustainably foraging for materials.
• Ways of making charcoal using a range of twigs from different trees.
• Making a wide range of artists tools from natural objects.
• Exploring ways of experimenting with natural pigments.
• Deepening the connection to the natural materials and prodcing art work during a guided meditaion painting session.

Lisa Pugh Green Woman Reiki