Deer Wood Day Retreats

Deer Wood Day Retreats
for Body, Mind & Spirit
Forest Qi Gong, the Therapy of Nature, Journeywork.





A day of healing and nourishment to gently facilitate a deeper relationship with yourself through immersion in the natural world.

Set in the safe haven of Deer Wood in the heart of the South Hams, this is a unique holistic experience for mind, body and spirit.


"A gentle exploration into this wonderful forest & the perfect setting to immerse your mind and heart. Deer Wood is portal to a better place." Elliot - May 14th '23

Guided by expert facilitators

Marc Biddle Forest Qi Gong in house Tutor at Deer Wood

Marc Biddle

Deer Wood In-House Tutor

Forest Qigong


Laura Butt

Laura Butt

The Therapy of Nature

Certified Circle of Trees Practitioner

Lisa Pugh - Green Woman

Lisa Pugh

Deer Wood In-House Tutor

Green Woman - Reiki Journeywork

Led by Marc Biddle - Deer Wood In-House Tutor
 To initiate the days' journey we will settle in with a calming experience by unifying heart, mind and body through relationship with the wild, using the ancient art of Forest Qigong.
Marc Biddle - Forest Qi Gong

Marc has been practising Qigong for 38 years during which time he has learned several methods under different teachers in multiple countries.

His journey has now brought him to an ancient tradition within the arts that can be described as 'Internal Alchemy' or Neigong.

This ever-deepening approach uses advanced breathing and subtle movements combined with the cultivation of deep meditative states.

Marc also teaches Qigong to beginners and more experienced students wishing to increase mental, emotional and physical well-being whilst clearing and opening the body’s energy channels.

Find a profound level of connection between self and environment through the practice of Forest Qigong.

"This was my first experience of Qigong & I was surprised by how invigorating but equally relaxing it was. Marc is an obvious master of his craft & explained everything clearly, he was very engaging."

The Therapy of Nature led by Laura Butt - Certified Circle of Trees Practitioner
Explore the woods with Laura - she will guide you in a creative practice, calling on you to reignite your intuition and reflect on the messages and feelings revealed to you by what you are drawn to in nature.

Laura is an Art Psychotherapist, who has been registered with Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) since completing her MA at Goldsmiths University, London in 2007.

She co-founded The Heroines Path in 2018, holding regular retreats as a collective of female holistic artists.  This collaboration brings experiential journeys that follow the energies of the seasons and cycles, regaining connection, sovereignty, re-wilding and healing.

These practices are rooted in the discipline of Environmental Arts Therapy and Laura has been honoured to be able to learn directly from the pioneers of this movement - Ian and Marianne Siddons-Heginworth.

Laura now works solely ‘outside’ offering Circle of Trees groups and individual nature’s art therapy sessions at Deer Wood.

"I was astounded by what came throughfor me using metaphor & symbology, which was really powerful & provoking. Laura was supportive, safe & encouraging." Beckie 14th May '23

Journeywork - Led by Lisa Pugh - Green Woman, Reiki Master
Lisa will hold space in this healing circle for you to enter into a deep state of relaxation, which will unlock the inner senses and guide you to journey into yourself.

Lisa is a trained teacher and co-founder of ‘The Deer Wood Trust’. She lives a simple life in a yurt in the woods. She is also a Reiki Master with a unique style of ‘Shamanic Reiki Journeywork’, under the name of ‘Green Woman Reiki – Energy Synergist.’

Previously Lisa had spent many years living in chronic pain and fatigue from the condition known as Fibro Myalgia, however since moving to the wood the full immersion in nature enabled her to make not just a full recovery, but be stronger than she has ever been before, on every level.

This not only re-kindled her love for life but also gave her a profound understanding of the self; she is now able to share this knowledge and help facilitate the healing of others if they are ready.

The secluded, quiet surroundings of the woodland are a perfect environment to safely travel into the liminal realms where Lisa will guide you to discover the hidden treasures of your inner self.

"Journeying with Lisa - she has a beautiful, soothing & deeply relaxing voice and I really appreciaited how she made sure everyone was relaxed enough before moving onto the next stage of the journey. I felt very safe throughout. "  Giusi 14th May '23

Day Retreats at Deer Wood

10am - 5pm


There are 3 payment options depending on income:

  1. £125
  2. £145
  3. £165
Includes an organic, plant-based lunch and all refreshments.
Freash & Foraged Foods
Please e-mail Lisa if you wish to to book via BACS:

Or make direct payment via Paypal

Deer Wood Day Retreats


"Everything flowed together, it was a well timed, powerful experience highly reccommended for anyone wishing to find themselves. I feel more grounded & steady than ever - if I had a mirror right now I would probably see the twinkle in my eye - loved it!" Sean 14th May '23

Thank you so much for opening up Deer Wood for us all to experience & share. I am so very grateful the behind the scenes effort, work & time that has gone into making this happen. May it become as you dream & I hope I can continue to spend time here." Beckie 14th May '23

"I feel very grateful for taking part in this powerful day, meeting new people, trying new practices & spending a day in nature. Deer Wood is a very special place, dancing with light. Thank you." Lynda 14th May '23

"Marc, Lisa & Laura run an extremely influential and enlightening course that results in unmatched relaxation and realisation. If you're looking to reconnect with nature, educate yourself on sustainability & plunge into a relaxed state, the sign up for a Deer Wood Day Retreat." Lucy 14th May '23

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